2018 Honda Accord Cars Review

cars reviewSince 1989, Honda introduced the first generation of Accord series that is accepted by many Americans. It is known the latest generation is published in 2012 so that the invention of the newest series in 2018 is awaited by many fans of this type car. Basically based on the cars review of this car time by time, both for the chassis and the engine is accumulated and created to get the perfection that will satisfy the user to always choose the car. Here will be discussed the latest generation of Honda Accord.

Cars Review For Honda Accord Sixth Generation

In general, the latest generations will be designed as mix sedan car. The roofline will be elegantly curved to be looked sporty too. The sloping rear window is added to give this vehicle stronger character no matter would that means. The cars review report that the latest series increase its aggressiveness by choosing the latest invention in grille system, which will be made as bold as the Ridgeline. The engine is compatible with 2.4L inline and 3.5L as a power train to be accepted as next generation of the fast engine that Honda has. It makes the car move faster with good acceleration because of the tough and easy grip it completes.

On the other hand, the leather seat is covered with leather upholstery and the dashboard is set with premium plastic and real wood trims. These materials are declared can make the interior looks stiffer and lighter as the cars review gives. However, the price of this luxurious car will be approximately around $24,000 for the standard one. Meanwhile, for the hybrid design that allows the user to reduce the operational budgets for further use is charged around $35,000. Honestly, it is such a realistic price compared with the specification it has that beyond the expectations.

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