android nougatAre you wondering whether to update to Android Nougat or not? Now that the new update for your Android version has been released, you may start to wonder whether to update it or not. In fact, when compared to the previous versions of Android, Nougat provides some new features which are able to help you get the most of using your smartphone. To help you determine whether to update it or not, here are some reasons that you can take into account.

Why You Need To Update To Android Nougat

To begin with, if you want to run two apps at the same time, you should install Nougat on your smartphone. If your device has not been able to open two apps at the same time and you want to upgrade your device to be able to do it, installing Android Nougat can be an excellent choice since it offers multiple screen view. Then, if you want to upgrade your battery life, you may like to install Nougat as well. Updating to Nougat makes it potential for you to make your battery life gets better because of the latest Doze mode which has been enhanced to help your smartphone burns more battery.

Furthermore, if you like to make your notifications even more controlled, you may like to update Nougat in your smartphone. By updating your system to Nougat, you will have wider notifications shade which allows you to act directly on the notification bar rather than open the app completely. Additionally, the new Settings menu can be the reason for you to update your smartphone to Nougat as well. You will have all new Settings menu which is surely easy to access. However, considering that your device may also get Android O update, you may need to wait for this latest version before installing Android Nougat.

coloring pagesAre you looking for some coloring pages for your toddler? If yes, then you read the right review. Bellows are the review of multiple coloring picture pages for your child to color it, along with provided links. This site has nearly a hundred of the picture you can choice. Your child can pick whichever picture he or she wants. Then you can get the picture via google, facebook or you can print the picture directly. Why do you need to print it from here? why don’t just buy coloring books for our kids? This site had so much utility and choice so we will talk about it now.

Why Using This Site To Get Coloring Pages?

The main reasons are the choice. Your child can choose from a huge array of selection and genre of the picture. They can browse their favorite cartoon character there and then download the picture to start their coloring. Since coloring is a kid’s activity, and sometimes a kid just want to do anything they want and likes, so you need to put something they like on their coloring pages. The coloring activity promotes the children artistic sense and the Cognitive intelligence. You can’t prohibit them from coloring or restraints them. Instead, provide them with their favorite cartoon character coloring, and let them fill it with their color. This site will offer you with a huge array of selection of famous character for children, so parents and kids can browse them together, then easily print them.

All of the picture characters had trademarks and copyrights. So, they belong to their creator and animators. This site only provides you with ready to coloring picture. To see it for yourself, just go to, browse the picture you want and download it. To download it is very simple. You just need to click on the full-size image, and then save the picture. It will automatically do the download. It’s free and easy to download it.

Health lifeEating is essential for our life. We are what we eat. Foods, we eat are really affecting our life and our health. If we want a healthy life, then we need to eat a healthy food. First, what is a healthy food? Healthy food isn’t a delicious food, but a healthy food is a food that contains many nutrients we need to sustain our body. What is nutrient? Nutrients is a chemical matter in foods. We need this chemical matter in order to sustain our body. There are many kinds of Nutrients, such as Calorie, Protein, and Vitamin. This review will tell you the functions of some nutrients, and why we need them.

The first nutrient we will talk about is a calorie. A calorie is very important for our body. A calorie is an energy needed for our body to do all sort of activity. So, every day, we need to consume enough calorie, to sustain our daily activities. Adult man needs at least 2500 mg calorie every day. If we didn’t get enough calorie, we will get less energy, and get tired faster. A calorie is an energy and fuel of the human body. The second nutrient is protein. To put it simply, protein is brick and stone for our body, building materials needed for our muscle building. We need protein to build our muscle, and repair the broken muscle. Protein is important for child and teenager, they need a lot of protein to sustain their body growth.

Then there is Vitamin. Vitamin is essential nutrient we need for our body. Vitamin is just like the oil and grease for our body. Without vitamin, our body won’t work correctly. If we didn’t get enough vitamins our body will be frail and weak. There are a lot of vitamins, from vitamin, A B C to F. All of the vitamins have their own functions and role. And we need to consume decent enough of every vitamin every day to keep our healthy life.

60 seconds60 Seconds game is a survival game developed by Robot Gentleman Studios. It sets in a world which is about to hit by nuclear apocalypse. This game is perfect for players who are looking for challenges. In 60 Seconds, you must scavenge any useful supplies and evacuate your family to the safety of your fallout shelter. Your time is limited so do it carefully and make sure everything you gathered will be useful for your new life in the shelter. The game has interesting, unique, and challenging gameplay so it can be addicting for those who like trials and errors in order to complete the game.

60 Seconds Game Unique And Fresh Gameplay

60 Seconds game can be split into two phases. The first one is a fast paced gameplay when you have to save your family members and gather important stuff to the fallout bunker. You have to do it in less than 60 seconds before the nuclear bomb explodes. Every stuff you bring into the bunker will either be useless or important for your survival in the new apocalyptic world. Therefore, you have to plan and consider each of your action before entering the bunker. Your struggle does not stop there. After reaching the bunker, you have to survive the isolation. Food and water are limited so have to use them wisely. In addition, you must send one of your family members to explore the wasteland to gather additional resources.

60 Seconds is a difficult game. You may need multiple retries to complete the game properly and survive the apocalypse. Furthermore, it gives you challenge to pick the right item and make the right decision in order to finish the game. If dark humor atomic adventure is your type of game, 60 Seconds game may be one of the best game you are going to experience.

Bmw M5 2017Nowadays you must need that technology. Technology will make you easier in doing anything. You can rely on this technology so that you will be faster, and also better. Like if you need to go somewhere which is far away then you need that transportation that will bring you to the place quickly. From there are many transportations, one of them is a car. You can pick up M5 2017 as your car in this time. This car is totally excellent with the design and also the performance. MW 5 is the new generation from the German manufacturer, BMW. Do you want to know furthermore information then keep reading?

M5 2017 Specification For Machine And The Changes

This car will be so excellent and it has the type of sedan car. You should know this year BMW has the sixth generation of M5. Well in this time you will find out more about this BMW that will be soon released. Let’s start to look at the performance of M5 2017. This car will be so amazing because the machine uses the turbo twin V8 and it will be completed with horsepower for 600. That is incredible, right? Next, to the look of this car, his car will almost the same, but there will be several changes too.

The changes that you can see are the platform use for CLAR or cluster architecture. It will be under the car roof. The next for the wheel used in this car to drive is rear wheel. The last thing you need to know, M5 2017 has the weight which is lighter than the previous one. It will be 100 kg though. Yes, that’s all for the information, hopefully, you soon get the inspiration in choosing what car you are going to buy, and actually, a car from BMW can be an alternative option because it is great.

football highlightsIn this recent day, football is not only a sport but we can say that it is a lifestyle. Indeed, it is because of the need of football highlights in almost every single time. As having been known that people today especially those who are football lovers, of course, do not want to miss any information about all the things relating to their favorite club, league or players. For the league, itself Champions League becomes one of the most favorite ones. You may see that people like to watch the matches of Champions League.

Football Highlights: Match Schedule Of Champions League

For those who also like Champion League, you may need the info of match schedule here. Of course, by knowing all the match schedule there is no need for you to worry about missing the important match of your favorite clubs. In this May 2017, some matches in Champions League will be the football highlights. Some big clubs will meet in this month. To begin with, there is Real Madrid that has been known as one of the giant clubs in Europe. On 3 May 2017, this club will meet its rival in La Liga that is Atletico. Its second match then will be held on 11 May 2017.

Besides, there is another match that you should not miss too. It is because the club which will play is the scudetto from Serie A that is Juventus. This club then is going to meet Monaco on 4 May 2017. Then for the second match will be held on 10 May 2017. All of those math’s above indeed must not be missed since a great drama is going to be shown. In short, those are all of the information of the matches in Champions League. To get more news about your favorite team hence you need to read football highlights.

top 5 builds for kodiOne of the best ways to get complete add-ons for Kodi is by using Kodi build. If you are wondering what build to use for that case, you must like to read the top 5 builds for Kodi which can give you popular add-ons. In fact, there are many builds available for Kodi since there are many creators produce it for free. To introduce you toward the best build available right now, here are the five top of Kodi builds which promise you a bunch of popular add-ons.

Top 5 Builds For Kodi To Get Popular Addons

First of all, it must be nice to try The Beast. As one of the well-liked build, this one promises us various addons to use. In addition to its huge variety of add-ons, it is also offered in the great skin that will make our Kodi looks elegant on display. Second, it must be good to mention Wookie. This is the real one on the top 5 builds for Kodi. It is built perfectly to provide us anything you need from Kodi. It promises us various add-ons as well. Let’s say something like Live TV, Exodus, and Phoenix. All these three and more other preferable add-ons are available on the Wookie to build.

Let’s jump to the third one. It is Pulse CCM which is also considered as one of the best choices for Kodi build. This is the one which promises us lots of installed add-ons too. There is no doubt that we will be able to gain many contents by using this build. Fourth, it must be great to call Duggz Build. It is safe to expect for many preferable add-ons and numerous fonts on this build. The last but not least, it must be perfect to mention Nemesis as one of the top 5 builds for Kodi.

Health careHave you ever heard about gonorrhea? Well, this is actually a quite popular disease especially when it come infectious disease. It can infect both man and woman in any age. It is even possible for a baby to be infected by this disease throughout the childbirth process. Understanding about the risk of this problem and the way to decrease it is certainly essential for everyone since it is possible for everyone to be infected by this disease. To learn more about this disease, let’s check this out!

To remind you about the general information about gonorrhea, it is actually a disease which is transmitted sexually. It is caused by a bacterium which is common in woman’s cervix, throat, rectum or urethra. In order to stay away from this disease, practicing safe sexual activity is an important issue. In this case, you may need to apply condoms every time you do any sexual contact. Then, it is also necessary for you to be loyal to your partner.

It means that you need to limit your sexual partners since having sexual activities with multi partners will increase the risk of suffering gonorrhea. Moreover, it is also important for you to use condoms properly. It is necessary for you to make use of condoms, but you should remember to use it properly. You can learn about the way to use it properly on the internet to help you get the most of your condoms.

Moreover, if you are suspected of gonorrhea, it is important for you to watch everything you do. In this case, you are not allowed to touch your eyes. Since the bacterium which is caused this problem can be spread into your eyes, you should not touch your eyes. Then, it is also crucial for you to test for your risk of gonorrhea regularly to maintain your overall health.

youtube viewsYouTube is one of the popular application which very help for the viewer or for the Uploader of the video. It is very helping the Uploader or YouTuber who always shares and gives the information, tips, and others by sharing the videos. It very benefits for the Uploaders because they will get much money from sharing the videos to YouTube. If they have more YouTube views they will get more benefit. In fact, in a video on YouTube, it can reach a million views. How can they get it? Actually, that Uploader is not the celebrity. And it looks more improper when the numbers of viewers are not same with the number of subscribing and like, those numbers are very different. How can it happen? The answer is because of the provider. Yes, the YouTube for views providers, which offer your content to get many viewers.

Myth About Youtube Views

There are some people who are not like and agree with this buying YouTube views. So, they think that all providers which offer the viewers in YouTube are fake. Many people assume that all of the providers are fake. Actually, it is wrong, because there are just some of them which are a fake provider, it is not all of them. Some of the providers will give the guarantee which becomes one of the services. And then, the account will be banned. That is actually wrong because it will happen if, just when your video contains illegal content.

Your YouTube views will have stuck at 301, it is also wrong. If you buy the viewers from the reputable providers, you will never get stuck at that number and if you buy it from the reputable provider you will get unstuck at your numbers. Then, they think that their video will get removed if they buy the viewers. In fact, this is wrong because their video will get removed if that content of the video is contained against.

bedroom design ideasBed Bath and beyond include the arrangement on how you are choosing tools and material to complete the bedroom and the tools and material to complete the bathroom. Your bed and bath must be fulfilled with everything that you need because, without that, your time when you are in the bedroom or bathroom may be disturbed. For instance, when you are finished to take a bath, you cannot go to another room in your home because you are forgetting to bring the towel. The towel must be brought whenever you go to the bathroom. Alternatively, you can save the towel in the bathroom storage that will save the towel before it is used to make your body is dry.

Bed Bath And Beyond Is Important

Another example is you feel that you cannot sleep because it is too cold in the bedroom because of winter. You do not have air conditioner so you can use the blanket to cover yourself to be warmer. However, because you forget your blanket still in the laundry room because you have washed the blanket, you cannot use that blanket. In this case, you will look for another way to make you are not in the cold situation. This problem happens because you are not yet to complete your bed bath and beyond.

If you do not want the situation above happens to you, it is better for you to make your bed and bathroom are completed with many tools you need for your activity in the bedroom and in the bathroom. To arrange many things for your bed bath and beyond maybe is tiring. However, if you know the benefit if you complete this thing, you do not need to find another solving problem because it is easy for you to search such as the towel, toothpaste, and toothbrush in the bathroom. You can find the blanket, pillow, and its pillowcase in the bedroom too.


Wedding VenuesThere are various kinds of wedding venues that you can choose. However, sometimes you should choose the small ones. There are some reasons for that. First of all, small wedding venues are cheap. Even if they are located in a strategic area with a great view, they are generally cheaper than the big ones. However, do not expect to accommodate people too much especially if you haven’t subtracted the area for other necessary stuff such as chairs and tables. If you work with wedding organizer, they will give an estimation on how many people that you can invite in the ceremony.

Reasons of Small Wedding Venues

The next thing is related to how much exposure that you want from people. Most couples have friends and family they are willing to invite. However, it is not always the case because they can be annoying sometimes. If you are not willing to share your happiness with others, choosing small wedding venues will help so much. The reason is simply because there will be not too many people coming to the ceremony. While it may seem impossible, some couples really want silent wedding instead.

Another reason why you need a small venue for the wedding is because you like simplicity. Accommodating many people is not an easy task. If you hire wedding organizer for everything, it will be very helpful. However, you are still exhausted from the wedding because there are so many people that you should meet and talk with. Moreover, if you do not use professional wedding organizers, small wedding venues are definitely your main choices because they are easier to handle. There are still many things that you should do after the wedding. Things like a honeymoon, planning for future, and many other things just cannot wait. If you spend your time in wedding alone, there is a high chance that you will miss good stuff ahead.


epson wf-3520 driver downloadDo you need a multifunctional device to support your work to print, scan and copy the documents? If you do, Epson WF-3520 is the right answer actually. Then when you want to use the device of course download Epson WF-3520 driver is the first thing to do here. Of course, downloading the driver is the important thing to do since without it the device cannot be used. Today getting it is not something difficult anymore because all users are able to get it on the internet especially on a certain website. Thus, for those who want to get a further information relating to Epson WF-3520 and its driver, below is the explanation.

Download Epson WF-3520 Driver Printer Here

Talking about downloading Epson WF-3520 driver, indeed the first thing which all people should know before is about the features offered. In this case, there are many features that make the printing machine complete. To begin with, there is the design of all-in-one machine inside so that the users can get multiple functions here. Besides its Car Document Feeder also causes you to find easiness in printing, scanning and copying the documents. It’s auto 2-sided printing also can be got here so that it will not take a longer time to print 2-sided documents. Of course, all of them is complete with other great features.

Furthermore, for you who want to use Epson Workforce WF-3520, as having been mentioned above that you need a printer driver. In this case, there are various drivers that are provided since people use many operating systems for their computer as well. Here when you use Windows thus the driver must be for Windows. Also if your computer uses Mac or Linux, it means that you must download Epson WF-3520 driver for Mac and Linux. Last all of the drivers here can be found on this website.


Health lifeA pimple is the fact that most people especially youth and teenagers cannot be avoided in total. Due to hormone system and their habit of eating can be factors why there is always pimple at their faces. It is truly not happily situation, somehow it might make them shame because they are not confident with pimples. Rather than treating the pimple after it appears, it is more useful to know how to avoid its’ symptoms.

Since a pimple is related to hormone system in a body, it is strongly suggested to take nutritious meals. It means a pimple is caused by fat which is trapped in the tissue and attacked by the microorganism. Thus, by reducing fat, the number of this value can be reduced too. Taking healthy meals by increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables is better than eating junk foods. After that, people need to take water in enough number to make sure the system in the body works properly. Eight glass per day is needed to support its’ functions. Somehow, taking regular exercises is helpful to keep the body system work well. Automatically, it will help the presence of pimples simply.

On the other hand, it is also needed not to touch the face with a dirty hand. When they need to wipe the face, they can use tissue paper or clean their hand first before touching it. Cleaning the face with the suitable facial wash is another important point to be considered. But, after taking activity outside, it is not suggested to wash the face directly or the face will be inflamed. They should wait until the face fully rested. However, if it is necessary somehow, they can go check their face condition to get some treatment and lotion to reduce the number of pimples on their face no matter would that means.


emedicalguild.comAfter breakfast and lunch, we come to the best time to have a meal. It is dinner time. Dinner time is really special because it is the main source of happiness in enjoying foods. You may not always eat dinner in fancy restaurants with appetizers and other series of different type of foods. However, health tips dinner is always possible to be achieved with minimalist foods. With that being said, you should not have any reason to eat healthy dinner. There are some aspects that make dinner is a really important lifestyle you. First of all, it gives you another packet of energy after you spent a lot in the morning and afternoon to be productive. It is important because you cannot just sleep with empty stomach.

Health Tips With Dinner

Another thing that should be concerned is dinner is associated with gathering. Unless you are living alone, there is a high chance that you will be doing dinner together for most of the time. It is actually also important health tips because it allows you to communicate each other. The power of dinner does not stop to that point. You should expect dinner more because you also can have fun with drinks without worry. For example, you can take moderate or even high alcoholic drink and it will not affect you in the next morning. Of course, it is not suggested to do that all the time, but after dinner is always great.

Those are all some great tips from with dinner that you can try. Please make sure to have good choices of foods to achieve better health, and you will be fine with it. There are definitely so many choices lying around your response and you should always choose the healthier one. The reason is simply because you should live healthily to be more productive.


small hot tubsAre you wondering whether to purchase small hot tubs or not? Then, you may need to know some points in which you actually need to get one for your home. In some ways, the hot tub is not necessarily needed by the general homeowner. Nevertheless, it becomes a lot of household items when you want to get additional luxury and comfort inside or outside your home. Then, to give you some ideas whether you really need it or not, here are some top reasons to purchase hot tubs for your family.

Top Reasons To Purchase Small Hot Tubs

If you want to get a kind of hydrotherapy in your home, having hot tub is certainly a good choice for you. There are many ways to use the hot tub and one of them is by using it as hydrotherapy. In this case, you can just choose the one which offers good whirlpool to get the most of your small hot tubs as spa equipment with hydrotherapy ability. Then, if you want to have individual swim spa for exercising, having this kind of product is also a good idea. You just need to find the one which offers a built-in tool for fitness to make it as a good place to get swim exercise.

In addition, if you have found that it is certainly a good idea to purchase hot tubs, it is the time to consider about the reason to choose the small one. Well, it is certainly a recommended selection for you who want to get hot tubs to choose the one in small size. It is because the small one is considered to be easier when it comes to storing it. Moreover, the small one is also considered cheaper when compared with the bigger hot tubs. Those are some top reasons to purchase small hot tubs.