Health lifeCold may come anytime. When you feel that you have a cold, then you do not need to take it for granted. The things that you should have to cure it as soon as possible. Having a cold sometimes a little bit disturbs the things that you are doing. It would be nice for you to have this one and you can make your body feel good again. There are several home remedies that you can use to cure a cold. Here are several ways to cure a cold that you should have:

  • Ginger

You know that ginger can make your body warm. To cure a cold, the things that you can do are boil the ginger and get the water and drink it. It would be completely good for you to have this one. Better to have this one before you sleep so that you can have it much better.

  • Onion

You know that onion can make your cold better. Cold comes from the viruses and onion can kill it. Just slice them and mix with the olive oil. You can put them on the area of the neck and you can give it a massage. This makes you feel better. It would be completely good for you to have it.

  • Mint tea and lemon

You can have mint tea if you have a cold. Just to make it better, you can mix it with honey and lemon. It will give you faster healing after you have it. Make sure that you have it in the lukewarm water.

Thus, it would be good for you to have one of them whenever you get a cold. This would make you feel so good. Hence, you can cure a cold by those natural remedies.


Health tipsHeart attack, it’s something that terrifying and of course many people are afraid of this disease. But, like many others disease, heart attack also has symptoms that you can notice before it’s happening. Well, if you find your body carrying some of the symptoms of the heart attack, you need to start consult yourself to the doctor or people who expert on the heart attack disease, because with consulting, you can be able to prevent the bad thing to happen to your body and you can do early treatment to keep you safe. If you want to know more about this, you can read the article below.

Symptoms Of Heart Attack

There are few common things that will happen to your body when you carrying the heart disease and of course if you smart enough, you can notice it sooner. But, if you don’t know it yet, this article might be your good help.

  • Always feel exhausted even when you only do some little activity,
  • Your body will produce unusual sweat even in the cold weather,
  • A headache all sudden and this happen over and over,
  • Your chest will hurt and the pain will have struck you like a lighting,
  • You will hard to breath.

Those things above are the common things that will happen to the host of heart disease. So, if you find one of those things happen to you, you need to go to the doctor and do the checkup, just in case if you carrying the heart disease on your body. Early treatment can be able to make your body still fine and of course, you need to notice the symptoms to help you to do the early warning. Well, the key to avoiding the heart attack is to change your lifestyle and of course does that will make your heart away from harm.


Health careSome people in this days don’t have enough water in a day as it is recommended. For them, they have their own reasons for not getting enough water and this makes them feel bad with their condition as they feel a lot of bad things come because of this. Therefore, you need to consume the water as it is recommended for you to have, and here you will find some facts that make you understand about how important water for your body. Here it is.

First thing, you need to know that your body consists of 90% water, so if you think water is not as important as other components, then you need to know about this. Water that you need to have is pure water and not water that is added with some flavors like soda or juices or some other things like that. Some other waters like that are not making your body replaces its liquid in it. Even worse, it will make your body gets dehydrated and you will feel a lot more problems with it. Then, what you need to know next is that water makes you stay hydrated. When you have enough water in a day, you will feel much alive and energetic. Just consider when you are thirsty, what you feel? Feeling tired, lazy, and can’t focus on things you are doing. In some cases, dehydration that some people suffer may cause some bad effects like kidney’s problems and some other dangerous diseases. The last thing is the parameter of how you measure your body when it needs water or not.

It is simple, you can see it from your urine. Urine is the best way to see whether a person is dehydrated or not. When your urine is bright and colorless, it is a good sign for you, but when it is dark and yellowish, you need more water intake to make you stay hydrated.


Health tipsEverybody wants to have good posture to get the best body appearance. So, people do many things to get the best posture such as exercise. However, you know, bad posture can be the result of your own bad habit. What? Yeah, your back does not look good because you did it to yourself. Your habit is too dangerous if you do not know how to do it well. Well, in here I will tell you the bad habit that will endanger your good posture and the tips to get the best posture too. So, read all the information below.

You know, you will get bad posture and torture your own body by sitting or walking in a wrong way. If you are active in using computer and smartphone, you should sit in a proper position. It is including your neck position and your back position. It is not so different with the way you walking as well. The bad or poor posture can lead you to back pain, headache, and constipation. So, what should you do? Some people just do not realize that the ways they are sitting or walking are wrong. Well, I have the way out right here.

You should hold your head up when sitting or walking. Even though you are holding a phone or reading a book, your head should still up. Then, you should keep your shoulders down and back. You should sit up straight. If you are on the phone, you better use headphones. You can stretch after stand up and move around. You will look so strong healthy if you stay like that every time you are sitting and walking. So, try it now, people and get your best posture then. That is all the tips for you and other people who might need this tips more than you.


Health careHey, all of the mother over there? You must be precious in your family. The present of you in a family will have so many positive impacts. You know that you are the person who will care for your family. You keep them well so that they will be protected from any kind of dangerous threat and much more. You are the one who will remain your children when they are wrong. You must be very special. There are many things that you maintain well in your family, including the health of your family. You should have a special health care so that they can live healthily.

First, as a mother you should never be tried to remind them to live healthily. After that, you must give them a good nutrition which comes from several foods such as vegetable, fruits, and fish. You need to make sure that your family gets the nutrition they need for their daily activities. After that, you should keep the cleanliness of your environment and house. You should clean the house every day so your family will be kept from the dangerous threat from bacteria, and virus. The house you should have also needs ventilation in each room. This ventilation has a function to change the air.

The last you should invite them into a routine exercise. The exercise has many functions that will be beneficial for your body health. The function of exercise is that it will be able to make the blood circulation runs well. After that, it can be a way for you to emit the poison through the sweat. It also can make your body fresh every day. Those are the tips if you want you and your family healthy always. Well, you should be the good mother that keeps the member of family healthy.


Health lifeAs it is known that there are many bad habits of people which can cause many healthy problems. For instance, is drinking alcoholic drinks. It is not a new thing anymore that this kind of drink has been commonly found in many places. Also, the habit of people to drink those kinds of alcoholic drinks have been common.

Unfortunately, the consumption of alcohol will be not good. Here, there are many consequences which people can get when they consume this kind of drink. Moreover, what are the consequences of alcohol consumption? If you are so curious about this matter, below is the explanation that you should read well.

  1. Causing liver cirrhosis

In the US, the habit of alcohol consumption can be shown by the disease which will be had by the drinkers. One of those diseases is liver cirrhosis. Per the statistic in the US, this bad habit becomes the major cause of the liver disease that is liver cirrhosis.

Talking about the disease itself, here it will cause an internal hemorrhage, easy bleeding and then bruising, infections, muscle wasting, mental confusion, kidney failure even coma. Usually, the fatal condition is caused by the liver has been in the worst condition.

After liver cirrhosis, this condition will be worse. In this case, it can lead to cancer in the liver.

  1. Causing automobile accidents

Moreover, the consumption of alcohol also will cause the higher risk of automobile accidents. About 40%-50% of deaths in the US are from the automobile accidents.

  1. Causing injuries and death

Then, another consequence of alcohol consumption is it can cause injuries and death. Here, those can be found by home accidents, burns, and drowning.

From all the explanation above, indeed you should avoid the consumption of alcohol in order that you can live healthier.


Health tipsA healthy life is a kind of life that should be run by you. You know by being healthy, then it would be easy for you to do the activities. However, not all of you can apply this healthy life. There is part of you who are careless about the health. Well, this behavior should be thrown away soon, because in the nowadays era, if you are not able to keep the health of yours then it would be harmful to you since there are many virus and bacteria that develop into many kinds of types and number.

To become a healthy person, you should boost your immune system. This system will protect you from any dangerous substance that will cause disease in yourself. This can be done by having a healthy food. Healthy food can be gotten from vegetables or fruits. Those foods will give the nutrition you need. The content of vegetable and fruit will be fine for your body if you consume it every day. After you eat well, then the thing that you need to fix is that you should set the schedule for your exercise.

Keep practicing the exercise also will be good for your health. It can be a way for you to keep your body move so that you will not save the useless substance in your body. It also has a function to burn the calorie you have. If you have many calories in your body, then it can cause obesity. Of course, obesity will be the main cause of several diseases it is better for you to keep the body of yours. Make sure that your body healthy. You can do the routine check up to the doctor to prevent something unwanted happens in life any time that can risk your life in danger.


Health lifeHealth life is not indicating only by your physical condition which is avoided from the sick, but it is also from your mental condition that must psychologically healthy. Your health life cannot be seen too from your body appearance, only. There is condition inside and outside your body. You feel healthy but you do not know if you have a bad condition in your body. Moreover, it is hard to detect your health condition. People nowadays, check the condition outside and inside of their body by checking the medical record, or usually called medical checkup. This medical checkup can inform you the real condition of your body by its calculation.

It may seem a bit hard to have good health because you do the bad habit, but you can easily find the activity to change yourself with a good habit. People who want to have a healthy life, do some changing and reach their goal, they do not think too hard about many ways to do to make a healthier life. By that, it will avoid them from the stress which is happening because change their life to be healthy is hard to be done and cannot affect them. In this case, if you want to have a healthy life, you must be patient.

Furthermore, people who try the healthy life and now they called as healthy people also hard to change their lifestyle and sometimes they almost give up. They must keep on the track to success make a healthy body and mind. They follow the effective way to make healthier life from some information related to a health life. People must be healthy if their medical result indicates the health life without having the worse inside body condition. They also avoid many things that can worsen the health. If you do the same thing, you will have a healthy life and can live longer.


Health tipsPer the research, we must consume omega-3 fats to get the best nutrition. Here, for those who consume 2 thousand calories each day should eat 2 grams of this kind of fats. It means that omega-3 fats very important for our body. This fat can vet found in many foods such as fish, tofu, soybean, walnuts and so on. Then, what are the benefits of consuming this kind of fat? For those who are curious about this matter, you can find all the answer as in the following paragraphs.

  1. Fighting the inflammation

To begin with, omega-3 fat is very good for the body since it can be nice to fight many kinds of inflammation. Here, the facts will fight the cells or chemicals which cause inflammation. That is why when you have inflammation, it becomes a good idea if you consume the food containing of omega-3 fat to fight it.

  1. Treating joint pain

Joint pain the common problem which all people faced. One of the ways to treat it is by consuming the fatty acids of omega-3. It is a good idea which you can do so that the pain can be released. By consuming it regularly, it must be beneficial to treat rheumatoid arthritis. With the regular consumption, the joint pain can be reduced.

  1. Suffering less from heart diseases

After that, another benefit of omega-3 fats for the body is it can help people to suffer less from the heart disease. As for having been known that heart diseases can be the scary disease. It is the number one of the disease which has been killed many people around the world. Thus, if you want to avoid this disease one of the best ideas which you can do is by consuming the fat acids of omega-3.


Health tipsThere are some good sources of foods that people can eat. From air to ground and sea, there are various places to get foods. The problem is that not all those places offer an excellent source of nutrients needed by our body. To know which one is the best, we will visit the deep of the ocean to observe some benefits of sea creatures that can be consumed safely. Before moving further, it is worth noting that generally fish are a great source of nutrients and they are cheap. They are also free from any human engineering which contributes to healthier foods for a human.

The first benefits that should be recognized are that the fish contain vitamins that we cannot get in fruits – expect by eating them too much. B-complex vitamins which are required for the higher function of our body are also available in fish. Thus, it is a great consumable that you should consider. Salmon, for instance, is great to improve your vision because it contains vitamin A. additionally, fish are also blessed with fatty acids which are great for your organs such as heart and brain. There are absolutely many vitamins and nutrients that you can get from fish. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consider fish as your daily intake.

The next thing that you should realize is that there are various kinds of fish that you can consume. The taste is different from one fish to another. The texture is also different. That means you will not be bored to eat just one type of fish regardless of the nutritional benefits are different from one to another. Moreover, it is worth to consider that the delicacy made from fish is pretty much easy to create especially if you love cooking at home. After all, you need your really own processed fish for daily consumption.


Health tipsBright eyes, beautiful eyes, healthy eyes are the best eyes you can own. However, it is possible to get them all? It is so possible you know. There are a lot of simple things you can do to your eyes such as simple protections to make the eyes always bright, healthy and beautiful as they are. Do you want to know specific tips of healthy eyes for you? I suggest you read all the information in the following carefully and follow the tips after this.

First important thing is you should do eyes exam to comprehend the diseases that may exist before you feel it such as diabetes. Then, you should wear sunglasses not only to the beach but also anytime you go outside to do activities. It is not too much if the sun is bright. Protect your eyes, OK? Quit smoking right knows. Why? It can cause cataract you know. Then, rest your eyes a lot. If you are active in using a cell phone; you should rest them in every 20 minutes in 20 seconds. After that, be active to delay the age-related macular degeneration. The most important part to protect your eyes is wearing the safe goggles. Safety goggles can save your eyes from injury.

There are more tips to protect your eyes better. You should eat more greens. What greens do to your eyes? It does a lot. It can reduce the risk of glaucoma, macular degeneration, dry eyes and so on. The last important tips are to drink a lot of waters. Enough water will produce enough tears to always hydrate or moist your eyes. Ok, those are several tips to get bright, beautiful and healthy eyes. The tips are so easy. You should not skip one tip to get the best result. Eyes are important you know.


supplementsix.comAs we know that multivitamins and workout supplements are good for the body. It is because of the function of it which is helping the body to be healthier, shaping the muscles, burning fats and much more. That is why those supplement reviews can be the best information for people who will buy the products. Talking about workout itself, it is the common activity done by people who want to get a better body health, lose the weight or shape the muscles. Of course, with all the functions above, it is your job to choose the best product of it.

Choosing Multivitamins And Workout Supplement Reviews

In this case, as having been told you before that choosing multivitamins and workout supplement is easy. There are several things which you must do. For instance, is by choosing it in the trusted place. If you buy it via online, indeed the things you must do is making sure that the website is the trusted one. Then, when you buy the product via offline, where you buy it can be the biggest consideration. Then, another thing which you can do is by seeing the supplement reviews. Otherwise, knowing the ingredients of the product is a good idea too.

Furthermore, about the function of this supplement, the most important thing which all people must know is that helping the body to get the result of the workout activity. In this case, you can find that a faster and better result. That is why, for those who want to do a workout, it can be better for them to consume the multivitamins and the supplements. Here there is no need to worry about the result of workout and all the things relating to the product can be found in multivitamins and workout supplement reviews.


Health tipsIt becomes a hope for every woman both to feel health and to look slim in every single day. If it is compared to men, women have bigger motivation to be slim. Some things are good to do, but unfortunately, some sides cause a bad effect on them. For example, when they talk about diet, it would be good to keep the menu and period of meals to lose some weight, but if this effort seems to be over the limit, it may cause problems related to their health. Overall, there will be some discussion related to women’s good health in daily activities.

The Things To Do To Support Women’s Health

In general, there are easy and similar things to do once people want to keep the balance weight and have good health. First of all, keeping the diet is the main key to supporting this case. Eat more fruits and vegetables sounds reasonable to do since it contains lots fiber which is good to support digestion system work well. Besides that, it is also suggested to take lean protein such as poultry, fish, beans, and legumes. The protein will replace old cell into the new one without giving high calories that cause the addition in weight.  Whole grain is also preferable to support the managed diet. For example by replacing white rice with brown rice, or switching wheat pasta in cooking to get more fiber and less simple sugar.

On the other hand, it is also important to cut down on processed foods such as instant and canned food that have processed in many times before. As the result, it can be seen that the nutritious values decreases and artificial additional foods appear. Moreover, sugar, salt, and saturated fat also need to be reduced in daily cooking to balance the whole system in the body. If women could eat good food, they would get good body and health consistently.


yoga baliDoing yoga di Bali will give you a very nice experience and of course, it will make you can find the way back to your old self, in a good way of course. Doing yoga will extend the spirit and soul within your body. Yoga will also open your mind and keep it in a positive direction. Doing yoga can bring many good and positive benefits. Of course, for you who want to be free from the stress, yoga can be the way out for you. Yoga also well known as one of the ancient technique that capable of making people who doing it closer to nature, and it will give the mental and mind peace.

Yoga Di Bali Boost Your Mood

Many positive benefits wait for you in yoga, so if you don’t do it yet, you need to start your day with doing yoga and if you stay at Bali right now, yoga di Bali can sound good and of course Bali will provide you with very beautiful view which can help you to boost the mood inside. In Bali, you will not only find the good place to hang out, surfing and swimming. But, you will also find the good place to retreat yourself and take care of yourself.

Yoga session will give you the nice and harmonious mind and body. If you feel your body start to keep many burdens and start to make it feel heavier than before, yoga can help you to ease those burdens and it will make your body feel lighter. So, if you want to make things right in your body and mind, yoga di Bali is the answer and the solution. The solution for those of you who looking for peace and calm of the mind and healthier body.


Health lifeThere are so many activities that can improve our health. However, you need to know that doing nothing actually can improve your health too. However, it actually should be managed quite well. What we are talking here is about sleeping. Sleeping actually can improve your life quality, and it is necessary to have a decent amount of sleep every day. That way, you will live better in this world. There are some ways to ensure you to have a better life with sleeping. First of all, it is about the quantity of sleep that you get every day.

A normal adult needs 7 to 8 hours of sleeping at night, and that is right. Nap is not counted. It is necessary to sleep that long every night because your body starts to do the job as cleaning service. Additionally, your body starts to clean up some toxins inside your body. Therefore, you will feel refreshed tomorrow morning. It is a process that is quite beneficial for your body, and you definitely should not miss this process by staying up late. The quantity of sleeping for every day is really crucial for determining your health in the future. However, sleeping quality is as equally important.

It is necessary to have good sleeping quality, and it is determined by how relaxed you are after sleeping. The greatest feeling of good sleeping is when you are sleeping after a hard workout. When you wake up in the next morning, you feel satisfied even though cramps occurring throughout your body. This sleeping quality is absolutely the most ideal that you should achieve. It definitely requires effort to get there, but it is surely satisfying. There are obviously some ways to ensure the sleeping quality without doing any heavy exercise. The next article will cover that information for you.