What Causes An Earthquake In Some Places?

what causes earthquakesI cannot forget all the trouble and the death because of this thing called an earthquake. Then, what causes an earthquake around in some places? There are so many causes of the earthquake. The causes are not only two things like many people assume. The causes are not only tectonic plates and volcanic eruptions but also some other things that are not natural. You can see more information about the causes of the earthquake as follow.

What Causes An Earthquake In Some Places Around You?

There are many specific causes of earthquakes around the world. However, the prime cause is still the same. It is a huge explosion that produces gigantic wave of vibration and energy on the surface of the earth. If you ever see the earthquake on TV when Godzilla passing through; it is possible to occur an earthquake because of a high and huge building falling or collapse. That is one of what causes an earthquake. Then, if there is a meteor hit the earth, the big earthquake may occur as well. Then, the other causes are of course the volcanic eruptions, underground explosion and something that may happen on the other surface of earth. Maybe there are more than those causes that you never know.

You know that tectonic plates can cause earthquake too, right? The moving of tectonic plates can cause a disaster of big earthquake. Then, the most famous tectonic plate on earth is Pacific plate that across the Pacific Ocean. So, what do you think about those causes? I wish you will never feel the earthquake because it is scary. Thus, those are what causes an earthquake information for you. I hope the information is helpful enough for you and people near you. You may share this information with your friends or family.

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