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twice profileK-Pop is accepted such as a new segment in the music industry since many years before. The public could enjoy the beat of music even though sometimes all songs are written in the Korean language. But, magically, it does not reduce the hype to rock to the rhythm. However, K-Pop is filled with lots talented boys and girls that are charming enough to make people smile. One of the most popular K-Pop artists is Twice. Debuting in January 2015 through live audition, their career shines sharply. The hits are sung by many people whereas the Twice members profile becomes a trending topic in many media both for printed and online.

The Twice Members Profile People Should Know

The Twice members profile is in average the young girls whose ages are less than twenty. In short, it can be stated that they are very potential to rock the world by the beauty of Asia. Nayeon, Dahyun, Jungyeon, Sana, Mina, Chaeyong, Tzuyu, Jihyo, and Momo are the regular members who collaborate under JPY management. Some of them are Japanese and Taiwanese, but the producer, Park Ji Young believes it is an added value to this group since it could bring a new color and culture. With the tight schedule in training, they believe that they could meet people expectations.

Twice members profile tells public some cute facts as normal teenagers. They are very natural. Similar with other girls whose age is around twenty, they have some funny daily habits. For example, they like touching the lips, biting the nails, singing everywhere without feeling ashamed, screaming after thinking nothing, and another young habit that blends people heart. It entertains people a lot more than ordinary listening to the songs. And that is how K-Pop work, they want to bring the idols as close as possible to the fans no matter what happened.

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