How Earthquakes Happen From The Science

how do earthquakes happenEarthquakes is one of the most dangerous disasters that comes from nature. This disaster relates to the activity on the deep of the earth and of course this is the very powerful nature disaster. How earthquakes happen it’s easy to explain and if you don’t know about this stuff yet, this article will give you thing that can help you to understand and learn about this disaster. Well, if you want to know closer about this earthquake. You can read this article. So, you really need to pay lots of attention if you want to understand and learn about this disaster.

How Earthquakes Happen In Easy Explanation

We will talk about these earthquakes on the science side. So, you can know the truth about earthquakes and you can stop wandering on something that not true. How earthquakes happen is because the friction between the tectonic plates underground, and sometimes, when the friction happen it will make the earth shaking and with enough power it will bring the world down. But, in fact, earthquakes always happen every day. But, of course the friction between the tectonic plates are not powerful enough. So, the point is, the thing that causing the earthquakes is the shifting and movement tectonic plates that causing the friction between them.

So, the earthquakes happen because the earth is moving and happen every day, because earth never stop to move. Well, earthquakes also can happen in the deep of the ocean and of course this also happen from the same thing. That’s how earthquakes happen and with a very easy and understandable words for all of you. So, if you want to know about earthquakes, this article might be able to illuminate you with the light and can help you find the answer that seek all these time. Hope this helpful and useful for you.

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