Gastritis and Causes of It

Health tipsNowadays, gastritis becomes one of the common diseases which many people have. Gastritis itself is actually an emotion, irritation or inflammation in the stomach lining. This condition can be acute or occurring suddenly or chronic which means that it occurs gradually. Since all people, men or women with various ages can have the condition, gastritis must be the disease that you should be aware of. That is why the causes of this disease have to be known well.

Moreover, what are the causes of it? If you are interested in knowing the information about the cause of gastritis, here is the explanation as follow.

  1. Stress

In this case, one of the causes of this disease is stress. According to the research, stress can cause the so many healthy problems in your body including gastritis. It means that when someone gets stress, it will influence the immune system which then the digestive system cannot work well.

  1. Alcohol use

Someone who often drinks alcohol, it also can cause the irritation which is called as gastritis. As it is known that alcoholic drink has no benefits for the body including in our digestive system.

  1. The use of some medications

Not all the medications will be very good for the digestive system. There are certain medications like aspirin which causes gastritis. That is why you need to know first whether the drugs is good for your body or not.  In this case, you just tell the doctors before he gives you the recipe of the medications.

  1. H. pylori

Helicobacter pylori is a bacteria living in the stomach lining. This bacteria can lead the infection there and then gastritis will happen. Then, if there is no treatment done after there is irritation or infection, it can lead to being a worse condition like stomach cancer.

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