Homemade Cake Decoration Ideas

Birthday CakeFondant, royal icing, and other cake decoration have made simple plain cakes change into a piece of arts. Now that we can find lots of cake decorating ideas on the online world, we can improve our own ability to create decoration by ourselves at home. There are many of them available with pictures and steps by steps process. If you are typical of someone who loves to try new decoration ideas for your cakes, you may like to see some cake decorating ideas in this following information.

Homemade Cake Decoration Ideas For You

The first idea is a yellow cake with white dots. In this idea, we are going to decorate a lemon cake by using royal icing decoration. Prepare for royal icing without adding color. Then, prepare for piping dots, swirls and lines to form the royal icing later on. After that, you can start the cake decoration by creating small dots on the edge of the cake. Then, make big dots in a circle in the middle of the cake by using swirls. Instead of creating the dots decoration in circular form, you can also make in freestyle form. It means that you can pipe the dots neatly all over the cake.

The second idea is Albertsons cake. In this idea, we are going to use the chocolate bar and colorful chocolate candy as the main decorating elements. In this case, you can use the chocolate wafer or chocolate bar to cover up the side of the cake. After that, cover up the top of the cake by using colorful chocolate candy. Here, you can use chocolate candy which comes in the same color shade. For instance, choose candy which has brown, orange and light orange color. The last, you can add ribbon and circle it to the cake to make the cake decoration looks prettier.

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