What to Know from Cold Sores and Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil for cold soresCold sores and tea tree oil become a hot topic to discuss, especially when you are having a problem with cold sores. As we know, cold sores are highly complicated to deal with. Fortunately, there is tea tree oil which is reported to have a special benefit to cure cold sores. Treating cold sores by using tea tree oil sure is certainly a good idea for you who want to do something naturally on dealing with this irritating infection. Now, let’s learn more about this notion below.

All You Need to Know about Cold Sores and Tea Tree Oil

Experts on alternative medicine have found that there is a good effect on using tea tree oil for treating cold sores. This oil is supposed to be healing property and also antiseptic which is able to avoid further infection on cold sores. In addition to cold sores, it is also reported to have a good effect on other skin infections as well. Moreover, when talking about cold sores and tea tree oil, we should not forget that the tea tree oil sure is able to help sterilize the wound as an effect of a cold sore. It works by killing the bacteria and avoids new bacteria to spread.

Meanwhile, to use this oil is simple since you just need to apply it to the area affected by the cold sores. Even though it sounds typically simple, you should know that you cannot use the oil by itself. It is recommended to use the oil together with other oil such as coconut oil in order to prevent any side effect. Moreover, it is also recommended for you to apply lip balm on the area that is not affected by cold mouth sore in order to prevent dryness. Overall, we can say that cold sores and tea tree oil are a combination of information that can help you to remove cold sores effectively.

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