Korean Culture: Do Not Ask These To Korean Women

Korean CultureFor mostly men, Korean women look so pretty and flawless, especially the girl band women. However, you know, there is Korean culture you should remember about Korean women. If you want to talk with them, you should not ask these questions to them. What questions? You can see the information and explanation about this culture in the following.

You Should Not Ask These To Women In Korean Culture

If you want to make friends with Korean women, you need to know these forbidden questions. You know, Korean women are very shy and rather more sensitive than other women. The first thing you should not ask Korean women is their age. This is a private information that cannot be shared easily. Asking thus will be impolite and hurt their feeling when you meet them the first time. Then, just like asking the age, you are prohibited from asking their weight. In Korean culture, weight is a private matter and cannot be asked free by strangers. Then, do not ask about a boyfriend to them as well. It will be different if they tell you about boyfriend first, it means they already open. However, do not ever dare to ask first. That will be impolite to them.

So, you should be careful with your mouth. If you just met Korean woman for the first time and do not know them well yet, you should not ask about those things. Korean women are friendly, you will know it after you know them in a long time. They are sensitive and shy at first. That is why they really concern with their face and body by exercising and do makeup. It is because they want to look always young. OK, that is all about Korean culture related to Korean women and questions you should not ask.

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