What Are Sinus Infection Symptoms?

sinus infectionAre you still confused in differentiating cold and sinus infection symptoms? Well, it is normal for you to feel confused about the difference between the symptoms of sinus infection and cold. What you need to note in this case is that your common cold may cause sinus blockage which then leads you to a sinus infection. Generally, sinus or medically called as sinusitis is a condition in which our sinuses’ lining tissue is inflamed or swollen. To understand more about the symptom of this infection, read this following information.

Here Are Sinus Infection Symptoms That You Need To Know

Sinusitis can start with a common cold or allergy attack at first. However, it does not end in there. The common cold and allergy attack you suffer may lead to swollen sinus tissue. When it happens, you may feel another symptom of sinus infection such as stuffy nose and pressure or pain around face or teeth area. Sinus infection symptoms can be varied, but the common symptoms that suffer by most people include nasal discharge which can be green, yellow or clear. Moreover, you can also suffer fatigue, the problem with smell and taste sense, sore throat, cough bad breath, fever, and headache.

The symptoms of sinus infection can be differentiated by seeing the form of the infection. When it is last for two until four weeks, it is called acute sinusitis. Acute sinusitis is usually characterized by the coming of facial pain or pressure, runny nose, cough or congestion, loss of taste and smell and the feeling goes stuffed nose. On the other hand, when the infection is last for more than three months, it is called chronic sinusitis. It is characterized by some sinus infection symptoms including pus in the nasal cavity, fever, discolored postnasal drain, nasal blockage, fever, and congestion.

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