60 seconds

60 seconds60 Seconds game is a survival game developed by Robot Gentleman Studios. It sets in a world which is about to hit by nuclear apocalypse. This game is perfect for players who are looking for challenges. In 60 Seconds, you must scavenge any useful supplies and evacuate your family to the safety of your fallout shelter. Your time is limited so do it carefully and make sure everything you gathered will be useful for your new life in the shelter. The game has interesting, unique, and challenging gameplay so it can be addicting for those who like trials and errors in order to complete the game.

60 Seconds Game Unique And Fresh Gameplay

60 Seconds game can be split into two phases. The first one is a fast paced gameplay when you have to save your family members and gather important stuff to the fallout bunker. You have to do it in less than 60 seconds before the nuclear bomb explodes. Every stuff you bring into the bunker will either be useless or important for your survival in the new apocalyptic world. Therefore, you have to plan and consider each of your action before entering the bunker. Your struggle does not stop there. After reaching the bunker, you have to survive the isolation. Food and water are limited so have to use them wisely. In addition, you must send one of your family members to explore the wasteland to gather additional resources.

60 Seconds is a difficult game. You may need multiple retries to complete the game properly and survive the apocalypse. Furthermore, it gives you challenge to pick the right item and make the right decision in order to finish the game. If dark humor atomic adventure is your type of game, 60 Seconds game may be one of the best game you are going to experience.