android nougat

android nougatAre you wondering whether to update to Android Nougat or not? Now that the new update for your Android version has been released, you may start to wonder whether to update it or not. In fact, when compared to the previous versions of Android, Nougat provides some new features which are able to help you get the most of using your smartphone. To help you determine whether to update it or not, here are some reasons that you can take into account.

Why You Need To Update To Android Nougat

To begin with, if you want to run two apps at the same time, you should install Nougat on your smartphone. If your device has not been able to open two apps at the same time and you want to upgrade your device to be able to do it, installing Android Nougat can be an excellent choice since it offers multiple screen view. Then, if you want to upgrade your battery life, you may like to install Nougat as well. Updating to Nougat makes it potential for you to make your battery life gets better because of the latest Doze mode which has been enhanced to help your smartphone burns more battery.

Furthermore, if you like to make your notifications even more controlled, you may like to update Nougat in your smartphone. By updating your system to Nougat, you will have wider notifications shade which allows you to act directly on the notification bar rather than open the app completely. Additionally, the new Settings menu can be the reason for you to update your smartphone to Nougat as well. You will have all new Settings menu which is surely easy to access. However, considering that your device may also get Android O update, you may need to wait for this latest version before installing Android Nougat.