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Health lifeSleeping is one of the most problematic issues that many people face. The reason is that some of us really cannot sleep well throughout the night. They have sleep deprivation called insomnia which does not allow them to sleep early. It is definitely problematic situation because our tired body needs sleep to regenerate. Without sleeping it is impossible for our body to run well. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get some sleep. There are some problems that you should know because of lack of sleeping especially for a woman. One of the most problems is depression which leads to various negative impacts such as anger. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to deal with sleeping behavior as quickly as possible.

Before knowing how to deal with the sleeping deprivation, it is recommended to take a look when you just do not get enough sleep. One of the signs that you should notice is when you start losing concentration every time you try to focus. While it can be caused by various things such as lacking a nutrient, it also can be caused by lack of sleep. Be sure to check whether you have 6- 8 hours’ sleep at night or not. Additionally, if you feel tired often especially in the time where it is supposed to be not, you definitely have a sleeping problem.

To solve that issue, it is recommended to have relaxed mind by taking shower before sleeping. Reading fantasy or fictional book will also work. Even better, you should meditate because it keeps you away from the negative thought that disrupts your sleeping behavior. Lastly, turn off artificial blue light inside your living space. This allows you to get the warm and cozy impression before you sleep. Thus, it increases the chance of you to have better sleep at night.

Health lifeYou may be wondering why we need to take a break. Except for vital organs such as heart, lungs, liver, and many other things, the eye can get tired quickly. It is impossible to keep your eyes open for the rest of your life without damaging it even a little. That is to say, it is necessary to put your eyes in resting position every time you do not need that it is important because you still need your eyes to perform better in the future. Therefore, it is highly encouraged for you to keep your eyes good all the time. However, it will not happen unless you make your eyes take a break for a while.

Your eyes really can get too tired after they see something that is considered unnatural. Lamp, LCD screens, smartphone screens, and forced 3D objects are some things that will make your eyes exhausted severely after some continued period of time. Unfortunately, such view becomes a sour daily composition, and there is nothing that we can do expect to make a drastic adaptation. However, the adaptation is still not perfect. That makes you feel extremely tired without you noticing it after you consume such display. You may not feel pain, dizziness, or anything that directly affects your comfort zone. However, deep inside your eyes are screaming because they are forced to see them.

In this situation, it is really necessary to regain our eye’s ability to perform by putting it under resting position. It is very simple thing to do because you only need to keep your eyes closed. Sleeping also can heal your eyes a little. Thus, it allows you to use your eyes in its fresh state once again after you wake up. Additionally, it is also necessary to reduce the exposure from those unnatural things to ensure your eyes’ health.

Health lifeWhat do you think when you hear about healthy life? Healthy life might be ideal life in the term of health. As we know that to be healthy is difficult, especially when we already suffer from some sickness. So, keeping our body to be healthy is something that very difficult to do. That is why we have to keep the body healthy and make our life healthy. If you think that you need some tips to reach the condition of your healthy life, you have to do several things as follow.

Prepare Your Healthy Lifestyle

When you think about the lifestyle, of course, it considers many things related to what you do in your daily life. In order to make your life healthy, you can start from thinking about your sleeping habit. You have to remember that there are many health problems that come from sleeping habit, it will be bad when you keep your bad sleeping habit. For you who have a habit to sleep overnight, you have to make sure that you can change that habit and sleep earlier. Then, you will not get sick easily because of that. Besides sleeping habit, you still have other things that you have to keep while aiming your healthy life.

Another example is you have to pay attention for your meal. Do not too often consuming the fast food. You have to manage your habit in eating. Do not eat too much or you will get your obesity and also do not skip your eat because it also can give you problem. So, make sure that you pay attention to your meals. Then, do not forget to exercise even though you might in the middle of your busy activity. Make sure that you will make your time to exercise in a day or at least in a week.

Health lifeCoffee is the most famous beverages in this world. Coffee comes from coffee beans, then boiled in hot water. This beverage is loved by many people, even there are many coffee addicts. This coffee addict can’t pass their days without one cup of coffee. There are many kinds of coffee from Robusta, espresso, cappuccino, or Arabica. And they come in different taste and smell. What makes coffee special is the smell. The smell of the coffee is loved by many people. One cup of coffee and one bread is popular breakfast in America and Europe. But are there any health benefits we can get from drinking coffee? We will talk about health benefits we can get from coffee bellows.

First, Coffee contains a lot of caffeine. Caffeine can increase your stamina, help you focus, and help you to stay awake. Caffeine can be used as a stimulus on the morning to help people start their days. Consuming caffeine is fine, as long as you consume it in moderate portion. If you over-consume caffeine, it will be bad for your health. Other than Caffeine, Coffee can also keep your mouth and teeth healthy. Although consuming coffee too much can harm your teeth, so you need to keep it moderate, or else you won’t get the health benefits from coffee.

Coffee can also help to repel cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson disease. In conclusion, drinking coffee can be healthy for you, as long as you keep it in moderate portion. We will get many health benefits from coffee as long as we keep it in moderate portion. Coffee can increase your stamina, help you focus, and help you to stay awake. Drinking coffee on breakfast can kick-start your day. That’s why a cup of coffee on the breakfast is must for some people. Coffee can help you relax while drinking it, and help you stay awake after it. You won’t get drowsy easily after drinking coffee, that’s why coffee is great beverages to start your day.

Health lifeEating is essential for our life. We are what we eat. Foods, we eat are really affecting our life and our health. If we want a healthy life, then we need to eat a healthy food. First, what is a healthy food? Healthy food isn’t a delicious food, but a healthy food is a food that contains many nutrients we need to sustain our body. What is nutrient? Nutrients is a chemical matter in foods. We need this chemical matter in order to sustain our body. There are many kinds of Nutrients, such as Calorie, Protein, and Vitamin. This review will tell you the functions of some nutrients, and why we need them.

The first nutrient we will talk about is a calorie. A calorie is very important for our body. A calorie is an energy needed for our body to do all sort of activity. So, every day, we need to consume enough calorie, to sustain our daily activities. Adult man needs at least 2500 mg calorie every day. If we didn’t get enough calorie, we will get less energy, and get tired faster. A calorie is an energy and fuel of the human body. The second nutrient is protein. To put it simply, protein is brick and stone for our body, building materials needed for our muscle building. We need protein to build our muscle, and repair the broken muscle. Protein is important for child and teenager, they need a lot of protein to sustain their body growth.

Then there is Vitamin. Vitamin is essential nutrient we need for our body. Vitamin is just like the oil and grease for our body. Without vitamin, our body won’t work correctly. If we didn’t get enough vitamins our body will be frail and weak. There are a lot of vitamins, from vitamin, A B C to F. All of the vitamins have their own functions and role. And we need to consume decent enough of every vitamin every day to keep our healthy life.

Health lifeA pimple is the fact that most people especially youth and teenagers cannot be avoided in total. Due to hormone system and their habit of eating can be factors why there is always pimple at their faces. It is truly not happily situation, somehow it might make them shame because they are not confident with pimples. Rather than treating the pimple after it appears, it is more useful to know how to avoid its’ symptoms.

Since a pimple is related to hormone system in a body, it is strongly suggested to take nutritious meals. It means a pimple is caused by fat which is trapped in the tissue and attacked by the microorganism. Thus, by reducing fat, the number of this value can be reduced too. Taking healthy meals by increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables is better than eating junk foods. After that, people need to take water in enough number to make sure the system in the body works properly. Eight glass per day is needed to support its’ functions. Somehow, taking regular exercises is helpful to keep the body system work well. Automatically, it will help the presence of pimples simply.

On the other hand, it is also needed not to touch the face with a dirty hand. When they need to wipe the face, they can use tissue paper or clean their hand first before touching it. Cleaning the face with the suitable facial wash is another important point to be considered. But, after taking activity outside, it is not suggested to wash the face directly or the face will be inflamed. They should wait until the face fully rested. However, if it is necessary somehow, they can go check their face condition to get some treatment and lotion to reduce the number of pimples on their face no matter would that means.


Health lifeOnce you are trying to find out ways to reduce the risk of particular diseases or ways to help you reduce fats on your body, you may find that one of the ways is by consuming whole grains. Well, there is no doubt that there are many articles and books which recommend this grain to be eaten by dieter and those who want to eat healthily. Now, let’s learn what actually the health benefits of whole grains for us are.

In the first place, whole grains provide you lots of fiber. You must have known that diet rich in fiber is significant for our health. When it comes to whole grains, it offers soluble as well as insoluble fibers that are both advantageous for our health. Since it is high in fiber, it is able to support us on regulating blood sugar level, lessening bad cholesterol and also decreasing the risk of colon cancer.

Moreover, whole grains also provide ease in the digestion process. It is also thanks to the fiber contained in the whole grain which makes it a helpful property for a digestive process. At this point, it will also help you to deal with constipation as well as diarrhea. Then, it also offers better nutrients absorption as well. However, since not all whole grain contains high fiber, you should focus on oats and barley instead of other whole grains.

Then, it is also reported that whole grains can help to eliminate the risk of having a heart disease as well. It is found that someone who consumes whole grains is less likely to suffer heart problems compared with those who do not eat any serving of whole grains. In addition, whole grains can also decrease our blood pressure. It is another property of whole grains which lead it to a good food to avoid heart disease. That’s all.


Health lifeNowadays, everyone has the smartphone. Not only because there is some smartphone which sells at a low price, in this era everyone needs to keep in touch with other people without seeing them. The smartphone and the application inside is the answer. So, is smartphone give the bad effect for your health? If yes, what can you do for preventing the bad effect of smartphone for your healthy? Read this more for the information.

Healthy Tips for Using Your Smartphone

As you know, that we life in the modern era that everyone may have high addict with internet and smartphone that they have. There is a meme that tells “people can life 0 days without internet connection” this worse than people can life about 3 days without the drink, right? Unfortunately, if you use your phone on high frequent will cause some diseases, like some pain on your backbone and your neck, also can damage your eyes, and so on. Here there are some tips that you can practice it on your daily using the smartphone. The first, hold your smartphone on a line with your eyes, avoid look your smartphone with a bow. The next, you should have stretching if you are on high intensity of using the smartphone. The next tips are you should take a rest, this is good for your if you want to decrease the risk of using the smartphone on your neck and your backbone.

You can consume the meals that have good nutrition and support your healthy needed like you can consume the carrot for the vitamin A that good for your eyes, consume the meals which content with calcium and vitamin D for your bone health and other nutrition. You should drink more water in your daily activities with your smartphone, it can prevent you from dehydration. If you can prevent the dehydration, you also can decrease the fatigue which damage you. You can apply these tips for decrease the bad effect of using the smartphone.

Health lifeTo be healthy must be everyone’s desire. If you want to live healthily then there are several things you need to do. For those of you who usually do not think over of their health then it might be difficult to do. However, for the sake of your healthy body then you need to do several efforts to make your body in an excellent condition. Actually, it is not that hard if you used to do all of the activities, though, so from now on your need to make this habit if you want to live healthily. By having a healthy body then you will be easy right to do the activities without any obstacles.

Well, what are the things you need to do if you want to have a healthy body? Let’s see the simplest things you can do first. First of all, you need to make sure the food you eat is healthy. You should eat food which is hygienic and you must clean your hands before you eat that. If you cook your food you need to cook it until well done.  The second, you must eat a normal portion. Do not eat too much. It can risk you to have much fat or even obesity. You know that obesity can be the cause of many factors of your disease. You need to eat with proportional calorie.

The next step you need to do if you want to live healthily is by smiling. Well, that is very simple, right? Only by smiling you can be healthy. It is because by smiling you can boost your immunity system. That is such a magical, so why you have to distraught if smiling can give positive impact to you. After that, you also need to take a rest. This is one of many factors to keep your immunity system too. You need a good quality of sleep. Well, those are simple right? You can start it right now.


Health lifeThere is correlation about health life and motivation. You want to get a healthy life by doing healthy activity and life with happily. If you do that, it will minimize you to get something that will damage your life into a bad life. Here, to make a healthy life, you must do many things that help you to be always healthy. Then, to do that, you must be motivated to reach a healthy life. What is your motivation so that you try hard to get a healthy life? Each people have a different perception or different motivation why he or she want to live with healthy.

They may want to get healthy because of the other people in their environment that life with unhealthy things now is sick or get the bad disease. They look poor at that time and you are afraid if you will get that condition too. The other motivation to life with healthy is because you want to make people near you also do the same as you. You want to love with happy so you avoid your bad activity.

For yourself, motivation is what makes you can reach your goal to get a healthy life. You see that yourself must be good today, tomorrow, and in the future, so you think that life with healthy will get more benefit for you than by life carelessly. The other motivation comes from your friend, family or relative. You see that they life with happy because they try to live with a healthy habit. The real model that gets a healthy life will make you aim to get a healthy life too.

Moreover, it is also easy to get a healthy life because you can get many tips to make your life is healthy and you can do that start from simple tips to get a simple daily change to get a healthy life. With these motivations, you hope that you can reach your goal easily.


Health lifeYour body needs much water. You live with water. You cannot live without water. You surely know about it. However, how much water you should drink for a day? Maybe each person has a different idea about it. Some people also do not really like to drink water so much in a day. Whereas, it is very important for your health and your skin. You can see that people who do not like drink water will look not fresh and the skin is not healthy.

If you do know the water is so important for your body; you should drink it, then. You can eat fruits that have more water if you do not like drink too much plain water. You can add your water needs by consuming watermelon, for example. Well, you also can drink two glass of water in the morning after you wake. Then, you can drink a glass of water before your meal that will help your digestion. Afterward, you should drink a glass of water before taking a bath and the last you should drink a glass of water before you go to bed to avoid a heart attack. Those are all not really much water like you imagine. You can drink them normally and you will get the healthy body.

You know water is not only to moisturize your skin; it is important to make your body parts such as heart, liver, and kidneys work properly. You should not break your own body parts just because you are too lazy to drink water. It is just water that so much delicious to refresh your body. It is so easy to just swallow water in the right time. Well, those are all the tips and suggestion for you about the how much water you need to drink a day.

Health lifeThere are many diseases that can attack people all over the world. There are usual diseases that are not dangerous but there are diseases that can kill people as well. One of dangerous disease is dengue fever that can kill people if people do not treat the dengue fever well. So, if you are attacked by this dengue fever; do not so worry about it. I will share information and tips about healing the disease here. So, let’s read the information below.

If you like to drink juice; you should know there is one kind of juice you maybe will not really like but it is magical enough to help dengue fever. That is papaya leaf juice. To heal the dengue fever at home; you can try to create papaya leaf juice now. How to create it? First, you should get raw leaves of papaya about two. Then, you should take away the fibrous portions of the leaves and the stems. After that, you should squeeze out all the juices from the leaves. Then, you should drink all the juice directly. You should repeat this for another two times in a day to feel the healing improvement. You can create the papaya leaf paste as well if you want. You can mix the papaya leaves with any fruit juice and drink it two times every day for a week.

So, that is all the recipe of papaya leaf juice that I hope can heal the dengue fever. You can try it at home. Then, if you feel the way above is not make you better; you can see the doctor. Well, you can share this information with other people if you like. Therefore, they will get the information as well to heal the dengue fever. Maybe other people need to know this too. Thus, that is all the information for you. I hope you like it and the information above is useful.


Health lifeEveryone around the world, especially woman will be happy to have a slim body. To be like a Barbie seems to be everyone’s dreaming. They are frightened to be looked fatty. Moreover, several reviews related to the suggestion and diet tricks are written both in printed and online media. Unfortunately, sometimes they do not know how to keep the body slim and healthy. They are then trapped in the wrong suggestion which can make them feel bad. It is truly stated that the bad lifestyle can bother and damage the health of the body. Wise consideration and good attempts are required to make sure that people will get both of them for an instance.

How To Keep The Body Healthy And Slim?

Here, will be discussed a common fact that is especially happened for teenagers who push and force themselves to strictly minimize the food consumption daily. They like to reduce their portion and eliminate the types of food they intake. Honestly reducing the portion is okay unless the appropriate amounts are served to support the body system. But, unfortunately, they reduce it lot until the body is a lack of energy. It becomes important to emphasize that foods play a big role in supporting body system. It gives the opportunity to the body for working properly and remove the damage cells into regenerated. Lack consumption will make the energy supply decrease.

On the other hand, they also like to force the body to do excess exercise. They want to burn fat and feel guilty when they eat lots of foods. It is true that the exercise can burn the fat and transform the fat into muscles which can make them tighter. But, it is necessary to do it at the good portion. Doing exercise twice and three times per week in one-hour duration is better than doing this every day, day or night.


Health lifeDo you know that exercise is very important for your life? You surely know that. Most of the people know that exercise is important to always be healthy; however, some people just too lazy to do exercise. Whereas, people have enough time a day to do light exercise. You have time to eat and sleep. Then, you must have more time to do exercise as well. If you are busy because of your many activities; you can just do a light exercise. Do you want to know the examples of light exercise that may be fit for you?

People feel so lazy to do exercise because of many reasons. They said it takes many times, it is a tiring activity and it needs money. You can rip off those reasons easily if you want to do the light exercise only. You can do jogging or skip only for fifteen or thirty minutes in a day. It is easy, not really tiring, does not need much time and does not need money. The kind of exercise you choose is based on your needs. If you want to always fresh and healthy; the examples above are enough. If you want to lose weight; you can do more exercise.

There are so many kinds of exercise you can try. There are a lot of fun exercise that you can do with your beloved people. For examples, yoga, Zumba dance and other dances. You will not only get the fresh and healthy body; but also, your mind will be more relax and happy. It will be your mood booster as well. So, that is all the tips and information about light exercises for you, busy people. I hope you like the tips above. Share this with people who needs the tips the most.


Health lifeCold may come anytime. When you feel that you have a cold, then you do not need to take it for granted. The things that you should have to cure it as soon as possible. Having a cold sometimes a little bit disturbs the things that you are doing. It would be nice for you to have this one and you can make your body feel good again. There are several home remedies that you can use to cure a cold. Here are several ways to cure a cold that you should have:

  • Ginger

You know that ginger can make your body warm. To cure a cold, the things that you can do are boil the ginger and get the water and drink it. It would be completely good for you to have this one. Better to have this one before you sleep so that you can have it much better.

  • Onion

You know that onion can make your cold better. Cold comes from the viruses and onion can kill it. Just slice them and mix with the olive oil. You can put them on the area of the neck and you can give it a massage. This makes you feel better. It would be completely good for you to have it.

  • Mint tea and lemon

You can have mint tea if you have a cold. Just to make it better, you can mix it with honey and lemon. It will give you faster healing after you have it. Make sure that you have it in the lukewarm water.

Thus, it would be good for you to have one of them whenever you get a cold. This would make you feel so good. Hence, you can cure a cold by those natural remedies.