toyota supra 2016

toyota supra 2016If you see 2016 Toyota Supra, you will know that this car has the main design is the mix of Toyota Celica for the car’s model, which is wider and longer. This car also applies the engine that same with Toyota GT and Toyota crown. However, if you buy Toyota supra for your 2016, it is as if you buy the car that the design is great because this car is eye-catching and looks gorgeous. This car is very suitable for you if you want to change your old car to be the new car. Then, you also choose this car because the car can fulfill what you want to have the one of a sports car.

2016 Toyota Supra Engine

You will not regret to buy this 2016 Toyota Supra because there is a great specification in the car. This Toyota is actually using 3L twin turbo inline 6. It makes the performance in the car is different with the previous series of the car. This engine now can produce the horsepower up to 360 with 275 pounds of the torque. It also uses 5L V8 that can produce about 450 horsepower in 383 pounds of torque. For you who are the first to have a sports car, you should choose this car because the car uses hybrid powertrain as the most recent engine power that now is used as nowadays-modern power; the use of hybrid power is to make this car is economical in the fuel.

If you ride with this car, you can reach maximal mph around 186. The proof that this car is great choices about velocity is from test-driving of the car that shows you how the car smoothly rides but it is fast in the power. Then, if you want to have one of the cars that will hit the market car in your environment, of course, you must buy 2016 Toyota Supra.