Target EHR From Target’s

target EHRTarget as a big company surely have more than 100 employee work for the company/ all the employees are dedicated to building target being the best department store in the United States in the United States, target serves you some services besides of the department store as the main highlights. Because of its need many employees, target’s employee also big and it’s a crowded when they are coming to the office frequently. So, Target making a portal named Target EHR that helped the employee to check the status, data, salary, benefits from the company without even out from home. This portal is specially made to bring the happiness of the employees that has been fighting off to give the customers best services as they can. So, this portal is like a reward to make their job easier and not paying anything because it’s free.

Target EHR Into Employee

Target EHR is a portal for the employee to see the information about the company. The employee can access their data. They can even check the salary and status and schedule in that portal. What makes to more interesting is that this is free for the target’s employees. This portal is made just for the employees whole had been going through together in the good and bad times with the company. They dedicated this portal to impress the employee that they care about the employees. Target don’t want to make employees feel small. Target wants that their employee feeling proud and grateful. The portal also made to make their job done easily so they don’t have to spend some money to going to the office to meet the Human Resources. The electronic Human Resources is ready 24 hours for the employee.

Because of they had many employees, it also hard to make the list or had data from them by manual.  So Target EHR also helped the company to have their data easily and make the company and the employees keep in contact. Between the company and the employees are connected.

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