6 Modern DVD Storage Ideas

DVD Storage Ideas

6 Modern DVD Storage Ideas

Are you collecting DVD in your house and get a problem to store them without making your living room go out of your interior theme? Let’s jump into modern DVD storage ideas that will go best with your living room.

DVD Storage Ideas For Your Living Room

Decorating your living room is both fun and a lot of work thing to do. It’s a lot harder if you have extensive DVD collections scattered everywhere. In order to keep your living room appears pretty and doesn’t lose its aesthetic if you add some DVD collections, here goes 6 modern DVD storage ideas for your living room:

  1. DVD storage rack – this is a great addition to your living room. It has a simple design and fit with any style of your home décor and interior design. If you are looking for modern storage ideas, choose this.
  2. Closet – Closet makes a fantastic addition for every spot in your house. Closet brings modern atmosphere and also has a lot of function. Very stylish!
  3. The slim and tall cabinet – it is an extremely beautiful functional property you could ever have. If you have a monochrome room themed, the white cabinet is a good idea to choose.
  4. A revolving storage unit – you can add your stuff on this very cute and stylish home property.
  5. A very awesome and cool hanging racks for your DVDs – it has an oval or round frames that are made of crisscrossed plywood plates in brown tones. This thing will bring a nature color among your others modern properties.
  6. The last isn’t very modern, but if your décor it properly, it will look appealing for your home decoration – glue old book spines to a wooden crate for hidden DVD storage.

So, which of modern DVD storage ideas that you will pick to match your living room’s theme? You decide!

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